Nazi Freak Ian Wiltshire’s Twitter Trolling Accounts.

[Update 10th March 2019. He is also using the account @PoorTommyAtkins.]

[Update 15th February 2019. His @Hi_Vis_Van_Man account is back after a temporary ban.]

[Update 3rd February 2019. He has abandoned the two accounts in the last update, and is currently arguing with Tesco about onions (really!) on the account @Jack_Chandlers.]

[Update 4th January 2019. @Hi_Vis_Van_Man seems to be temporarily suspended, so like a turd that won’t flush, Ian has reappeared on @DevonLocke4.]

[Update 3rd January 2019. His @IKWiltshire186 account has (finally) been banned. He is now pretending to be a “yellow vest” , and using this account @Hi_Vis_Van_Man ]

[Update 29th November 2018: @titor_ii has now been permanently banned. He changed the name of @IKWiltshire1488 to @IKWiltshire186. He has also started another account, @MycroftusL, because he’s such a needy loser.]

[Update 6th November 2018: It looks like @titor_ii is temporarily suspended. The sad twat has immediately set up @IKWiltshire1488.]

[Update 2nd September 2018: He is now using @titor_ii.]

[Update 26th August 2018: He is now using @MarkRegev2, as well as @jubater.]

[Update 22nd August 2018: He is now using @jubater.]

[Update 16th August 2018: He had @FingersRandy, which was quickly (for a change) banned by Twitter. He is now using @OGlobocnik.]

[Update 10th August 2018: He is now using @Rooster72673813 and @BarrelHarold.]

[Update 18th July 2018: He is now using @MycroftusN.]

[Update 10th July 2018: I haven’t updated for a while. Since the last update, sad-sack Ian has used accounts @Antisemityville@LongshankKing and @JohnJCotton. He is currently using @PG_MyCroft, which used to be called @PeterJJGunn.]

[Update 15th April 2018: Another suspension means he is now using @Enoch_Powerrrr.]

[Update 13th April 2018:  He briefly popped back on to @JackPorzelac , but that got suspended so he has a new account – .]

[Update 27th March 2018: @JackPorzelac temporarily suspended, so he’s back using @JJRenshawBurns.]

[Update 25th March 2018: @JJRenshawBurns temporarily suspended. New Account @JackPorzelac.]

[Update 16th March 2018: New account @JJRenshawBurns.]

[Update 3rd March 2018: As sure as night follows day, @HJones95181057 has been suspended. He’s straight back on @AndyBarnesR32.]

[Update 28th February 2018: @AndyBarnesR32 has been shadowbanned. Inevitably, because he’s a sad, loser troll, he’s started @HJones95181057.]

[Update 18th February 2018: The dullard has a new account – @AndyBarnesR32.]

[Update 14th February 2018: Having had  temporarily suspended, he’s simply jumped back on @MikeHun46436387.]

[Update 4th February 2018: The needy weirdo has had VinceReynard82 twatted. Like a bad smell, he’s back on .]

[Update 28th January 2018: Ian has had @DaveMander4 frozen, and his new troll account is @VinceReynard82.]

[Update 12th January 2018: The relentless trolling moron has abandoned @MikeHun46436387, and is now using @DaveMander4.]

[Update 7th January 2018: Ian’s @EdSims00975297 account has been silenced, and he is currently using  to continue his moronic trolling.]

[Update 22nd December 2017: His @Valentine_Dyall account has now been locked. Again, he immediately set up a new account – @RoftMake – and continued trolling.]

[Update 7th December 2017: His @Begsali231 account has finally bitten the dust. He immediately returned using this account – @Tobor_The_Great – because he’s a needy no-life troll.]

[Update 6th November 2017: The @MartinSelbySnr account has now been temporarily suspended, and Ian has returned to using @Begsali231.]







BUSTED! Ian “Mycroft” Wiltshire’s latest fake Twitter account.


Unhinged Nazi weirdo Ian Wiltshire who, as a prime example of the Dunning-Kruger effect self-styles himself as “Mycroft”, has a long history of banned troll accounts on Twitter.

Some, but by no means all, of his previous accounts include @Bobmcbo16921487,  @IanRidge999@Wiltshire2020@nojuboys@Mycroft_Newbury@Mycroft186 and @Mycroft204. More recently he has trolled using the accounts @EddyMcEdiface and @Begsali231 , which do not return an “Account suspended” page, but appear to have been locked by Twitter and abandoned.

The @Begsali231 account went silent on 14th October 2017. This was it’s last tweet.


It was only a matter of time before this serial troll returned to Twitter. It didn’t take long – a new account appeared on 17th October 2017 which bore all of Ian Wiltshire’s usual hallmarks. I spotted it within a couple of hours of its first tweet and flagged it up to fellow Nazi-hunters.


Feigning ignorance of his new Twitter account, I poked him on “Twitter for racists” (© Salon), asking “When are you starting your new Twitter account, Mr Needy?”.


I let him deny that it was him a couple of times, then revealed that he’d been spotted. He continued to deny that it was him.


Yesterday, Wednesday 25th October 2017, I noticed a couple of tweets that rang a bell.Arrested80timesSelby171025aArrested80timesSelby171025b

I checked on his gab feed, and sure enough…


To make it fair, I thought I’d give him a chance to come clean. I knew he wouldn’t. He’s a pathological liar.


Instead he pretended to DM “Martin”, who just happened to change from cuddly historian one minute, to threatening pal of Anders Behring Breivik the next.


Having given him enough chances to come clean, and watched him dig his hole of idiocy ever deeper, I showed my hand.


Now, any sane person would realise they’d been busted at this point. It’s cut and dried. A slam dunk. Maximum Mycroft humiliation. Ian Wiltshire, though? Of course not. As well as being a pathological liar, he’s completely unable to ever admit that he’s wrong. It’s a serious mental problem, which must have caused him all sorts of strife trying to function in the real world. Instead, he doubled down on his bullshit and claimed that he had set me up!


To resort to bullshit like that when you’ve been caught red-handed is utter lunacy. He’s still sticking to that line today, despite it making no sense. Occam’s razor – the principle that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected – was in play even before I discovered the duplicate posts about arrests.

I’d already spotted his modus operandi – trolling BBC radio hashtags e.g. #r4today, #wato, #bbcpm, #bbc5live, even #TheArchers, and slipping in parts of his unhinged Nazi beliefs – a “plan” which I’ll write more about another time. Needless to say, most people ignore him or tell him to get lost.

Oh, and finally, as a special bonus for Ian when he reads this – I didn’t mention this on gab, but the @Begsali231 account which went silent and which Ian claimed was run by “Tom” or “Rand” at different times, but not him…


Well, “Tom” also has something in common with Ian “Mycroft” Wiltshire.


Yes, the thing all these people have in common is that they are all sad-sack Nazi weirdo Ian Wiltshire, pretending that he has friends. It’s tragic, really.

A rolling list of the accounts he uses can be found here.

An open letter to @jack, @biz & @TwitterSupport about @BegsAli231 and other Nazis

Dear Twitter,

The account  is a serial harasser who, despite being banned multiple times, has repeatedly returned to Twitter. Each time he posts racist and Nazi propaganda, and harasses some of the same people. One of the people he regularly targets is @LiberalIsland. He picks on her for three main reasons – because she is a powerful voice against racism, because she is Jewish, and because she has a mixed-race child.

The following are some of the accounts he has had suspended.








Near the end of the Twitter Rules is the following statement – “Accounts created to replace suspended accounts will be permanently suspended.”.

I have tried many, many times to report such accounts but the results have been mixed. This is mostly because there is no option to report an account for replacing a banned account, so the person making the report has to choose another category, none of which match the actual rule being broken.

This evening,  has once again harassed @LiberalIsland, including the following.


To be clear, he repeatedly sent links to a neo-Nazi website to a Jewish woman. Fortunately, @LiberalIsland is a strong woman who can handle this kind of abuse, but that isn’t the point. The point is that she shouldn’t have to. Nobody should.

I – and many others – try to help you to enforce your rules, yet keep coming up against a brick wall. It doesn’t help that the tools for reporting repeat offenders are non-existent.

Your goal “to create a safe environment” is failing as long as users like that are allowed to return again and again, and aren’t suspended until they’ve sent thousands of tweets. I reported them when they first reappeared, The only way to put them off is to suspend them as early as possible. If they know they can get a few weeks of use, as this user does, they wait a little while and start again.

Please add an option to report banned users, with text-boxes so that we can add their previous username(s). I’m sure you can see the content of banned accounts, so you’ll be able to check, for example, that the new account is indeed harassing the same person or people as the banned account(s).

There are obviously other things that need doing. You should really have a zero-tolerance policy on Nazi accounts. As long as they are allowed to use your service, Jewish people, homosexual people and disabled people can’t possibly feel safe. Your goal “to create a safe environment” will never be achieved as long as you enable Nazis.

Thank you, and please help.


Update 1: The account @Mycroft204 appears to have been changed to one of the others before being banned, rather than banned itself.

Update 2: @Begsali231 has been abandoned (as was @EddyMcEdiface), presumably because it has been suspended indefinitely, though not permanently. His latest account is .

Ian “Mycroft” Wiltshire’s imaginary Nazi groups.

As well as inventing aspects of terrorist incidents, unhinged Nazi fantasist Ian Wiltshire likes to make up imaginary Nazi groups that he runs. He likes doing it a lot. Here are a few of the groups he’s invented in the last year and a half. They were on various Twitter accounts that have since been banned, and his current account, which he changes the name of regularly.

Remember, all of these “groups” exist only in his batshit imagination. He’s a serial fantasist, desperately over-compensating for his sad failure of a life.

1) His National Guard, or NSNG (or NSAG). Details, details.


2) UK Identity, with thousands of imaginary members.


3) National Socialist Movement


4) Or did he mean National Socialist Alliance?


5) NatsoX – now that sounds modern and funky. And non-existent.


6) How about the Bluecoats?


7) Oh no, he meant Bluejackets of course. He’s not making this shit up, honest.


8) Sticking with the “paramilitary” theme.


9) United Street Army? Sounds a bit threatening.


10) Most recently, the “Battle for Britain” – the BfB.





Inveterate bullshitter Ian “Mycroft” Wiltshire strikes again.

I first encountered Ian Wiltshire of Newbury, Berkshire – who uses the handle “Mycroft”, and has done so for many years – in the run up to the 2015 general election. Back then, he was presenting himself as a UKIP supporter. A particularly unhinged UKIP supporter at that, who was adamant that they would win 40 seats, and whose grasp of logic was wholly lacking. I documented this in a couple of Storify posts.

UKIP supporter “Ian Wiltshire” suffers from cognitive dissonance.

Kipper weirdo Ian Wiltshire is at it again.

Not long after the 2015 election, Wiltshire dropped the pretence that he was a run-of-the-mill UKIP fruitcake, and revealed that he was actually a full-blown Hitler-licking Nazi. Since then he’s worked his way through numerous Twitter accounts, regularly getting banned, but always returning to get his fix of trolling.

He has a penchant for posting utter bullshit on Twitter and the “Twitter for racists” (© Salon) For example, nonsense about subspecies of Homo sapiens sapiens which simply don’t exist, in his efforts at demonstrating “white supremacy”. When challenged to provide scientific evidence, he invariably does what most of these idiots do: he invokes Russell’s teapot by saying things like “find it yourself”. This is, of course, impossible as no such peer-reviewed science exists. It’s cowardly, anti-intellectual and easily seen through as the bullshit it is.

His latest truckful of manure arrived this morning. As we in the UK woke and turned on the news to hear of the terrible events in Las Vegas, the vast majority – as sensible people – were waiting for information as to what had happened. Of course, a lot of the usual suspects did what they always do – immediately pin the blame on Islam, with precisely zero evidence.

Wiltshire didn’t do that, though. It isn’t his style. Because he craves attention and wants to appear as relevant, he did as he has done before and simply made things up and presented them as fact. Here are a few of his posts this morning.




This didn’t break across any platforms, anywhere. He simply invented it. I have an account over on gab, for keeping an eye on Nazis and other freaks. I called him out on his bullshit. Laughably, his response to this was to say that calling out his unhinged lies was “point scoring” and “trolling”.


I should have expected this. One of Wiltshire’s traits is that he can never, ever be seen as being wrong or losing face. This instills in him a kind of mania, as he knows that he’s wrong, he knows that he’s lying. It is the behaviour of someone seriously unstable.

This isn’t the first time he’s done this; he did similar at the time of the London Bridge attack. Firstly he invented a “cousin” who just happened to be “on the spot”


He then went on to invent other aspects of the attack.


This is the first time I’ve published the screengrabs I took at the time. Like all sensible people, I was waiting for confirmation of facts before saying anything. As we all now know, the events of that terrible night bear little to no resemblance to the falsehoods presented by Wiltshire. Not content with the above, when he awoke the next morning he doubled down on his bullshit.


Ian “Mycroft” Wiltshire is a fantasist. Most of what he posts on social media is nonsense, and a lot of it dangerous nonsense to back up his racism and Nazism, as can be seen by his unhinged “solutions”.



When I get the chance, I will document some more of this sad loser’s ravings. I have a lot of it saved.

People have asked about buying me a pint…

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Well, I’ve seen Nazi twats getting people to send them money to fund their hatred, so if anyone wants to help relieve the stress of dealing with these scumbags, and would like to bung me a pint or a curry or an Oculus Rift, please feel free.

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